Babaji Munis’ TRUTH IN FULL

Mahavatar or Muni Babaji

by The Sohamahos channeling Babaji Muni

Babaji Mahavatar or Mahavatar is NOT!!! The guy that looks like

In fact…Mahavatar is A SOUL….has NO IMAGE….it is the SOUL of FIVE true IMMORTALS…..Marshall Govindan “Satchidananda” is NOT IMMORTAL….

Despite what people THINK Muni is NOT Mahavatar. Also Yogananda is a SOUL is wrong BUT IS A man that HAD MAHAVATAR or BABAJI as (THIS IS FRIGING KEY TO UNDERSTAND!!!!) his SOUL.

Understand ARJUNA, MUNI, YOGANANDA became Andrew Erling Greszczyszyn….that is The Sohamahos.

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