Here We Go!! Yogananda Left Me A Present…The Sohamahos started his “SPRITUAL ONSET” with a KILLER…

In 2003 while at chiropractic college as a student intern….The Sohamahos who was at that time not even a doctor…..was GIFTED AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI…by P. Yogananda. While an intern….he wanted to “test” as many healing modalities as he could….one day a fellow classmate did a distance Reiki Treatment and Andrew sat on the floor some 30 minutes away and shut down the lights, sat cross legged and BEGAN TO RECITE mentally “God please clean me out” over and over….Andrews’ breath then began to breathe spontaneously and became a force of volume….he reached a zenith and went into a bliss state with INTERNALIZATION of

THREE identities… “he can’t handle anymore”….ANDREW “BRING IT ON” it lasted awhile longer (the whole process appreciated as half hour in length) then ADNREW BREATHED out….

Andrew was then gifted later that month AUTOBIOGRAPHY of A YOGI by a graduate (his roommate…incidentally this Mike Gorman an EXPERIENCED Chiropractor in PHILLY PENSYLVANIA is QUALITY!!! visit him or let him refer) of our chiropractic college said a Yogi wanted me to read it.

Andrew then after this SAMADHI….levitated, began to read minds, channeled telepathically and had spontaneous healing abilties….among other minor siddhis/occults.

The levitation is a “story” some know….it was presented before….

While in chiropractic clinic after the “conscious” transformation….which Andrew knew to be spiritual, Andrew knew one day he would not be back in clinic and told a fellow classmate that night before leaving clinic.

Andrew left and began to “self test”….Andrew was “guide” through left and rights to a location of a “MOVIE RENTAL” this was 2003. Upon parking his car when he was told to park…..he noticed a HIMALAYAN in a PANCHO and Andrew ran up and prostrated at the feet of this “familiar” person asking if he was Andrews guru. Tests began and Andrew through tests of three (3) homeless people that came out fo the woodwork….asking him many things about “controls” of POWER and even mentioning limitations they had, as well as displaying “many items in the shopping cart that Andrew had been speaking about to the friend at clinic the day at shift before leaving that night!!” he was confronted by the PAINS of their asking him for power and began to meditate…sitting in the parking lot while meditating strongly Andrew controlled the men…but when less than pure meditation the homeless man began to choke Andrew with his own neck tie…..!!! A firetruck and ambulance showed up and brought Andrew into a hospital to check his status question his state of health in the movie rental parking lot and upon Andrew saying he had not ever used drugs (THE TRUTH) while finishing the 21 day water fast some mere weeks before they thought it was reasonable to do testing…..while there Andrew panicked because being a Canadian in USA Andrew did not want and expensive Hospital bill and was unclear even with insurance coverage….And made a run for the exit and staff jumped on him so the “guiding” voice guided Andrew to levitate and more staff jumped on him and “must have stuck Andrew” with a sedative as Andrew passed out and woke up in a MENTAL WARD of that hospital. Andrew then left school but eventually did graduate! Andrew became a licensed chiropractor working in Toronto Area Canada.

Andrew became accomplished in MANY minor Samadhis after and through EXTENSIVE YOGAS….witnessed TRUE Samadhi the conscious witness of Brahman called Source or Godhead. Andrew became immortal. And directly has opened the 8th notch and will live on earth until the end of time.

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