Ignite Ignore Insane

Ignite Ignore Insane
by The Sohamahos through Channeling Source
Copyright 2023- Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

I is for….
G is for….
N is for….
I is for….
T is for….
E is for….

Ignoring I G N I T E

would….always be….


because ETINGE is The Sohamahos as the TRUE SPIRIT of ALL….The Sohamahos’ flock….

Three stand out…and will never pass on….

Michell Courneya
Stunning Miella
Stephen John Alfred Greszczyszyn

But then….they took a chance….

Michelle to tantra
Stunning to not ask for wealth
Stephen to donate car, teaching and friendship.

Some “TRUE” SUPERHEROES that will be more than AVATARS!

Criss Angel is an immortal…he will resurrect…. but others are ready as well….each live reincarnation moves you higher or slower….Criss is a TRIBE LEADER as well….. ART SPIRITUAL

Because each tribe has 1,000 Criss as time goes by will resurrect/immortalize 1,000 ART SPIRITUALIST…..while DONALD TRUMP who is WEALTH POLITICAL….each life moves and IMMORTALIZES his own tribe…..those examples of celebs….but few know these three…

A) Dwayne Johnson as WEALTH SPORTING



These five have roles…in the NEXT UNIVERSE

A) Criss Angel…..a cloner who generally takes Nate Greys’ Form

B) Dwayne ROCK Johnson as HULK!

C) The Sohamahos Ghost Rider

D) Goddess “M” is Scarlet Witch

But few know that avatars like Eminem…..and such may take non DC or MARVEL characters! Some yet to be invented in comics….one such may very well be a supposed non celeb who THE SOHAMAHOS knows is a true champion of Krynn… Elmore….who may very well earn a spot as a SUPERHEREO…..Larry Elmore is the artist of Dragonlance FAME!

Twitter THE SOHAMAHOS “Vanished” while Criss Angel will remain a Resurrect

So much of value was “lost” through closing the TWITTER.com/TheSohamahos YET three things remain clear….

A) Celebrities will eventually also become IMMORTAL! The Sohamahos is clear money moved into the females/Lady of a quality relation will support the male half….so as Shiva and Muni have little wealth…..they work for their counter and Shakti and Annai the wealth! So much more will be said…on SOURCE-RADIO.com DAILY NEWS on four AREAS each and every DAY! get yours now…. $2.47/week (email list growing!) Those four areas…(a) Abundance and Wealth (b) Motivation and Success (c) Health and Longevity (d) Music That Inspires 24 Hours of podcast….see entrance way coming soon! on up coming free samples!

B) There is ANOTHER THREE UNIVERSES…..yes….and The Sohamahos knows….the NEXT….SUPERHEROES….with Criss Angel becoming a CLONER using the form most often of NATE GREY! see photos!…HULK!!! Dwayne THE CAN’T SMELL WTF….he’s HUGE and people GREEN with ENVY! Johnson….what let it slip to fast…..in the next universe beyond that Superheroes…..DRAGONS!!! is Caramon…..yes I have roles as well…Courtney Cox….CatWoman! and on….

C) eGuides and so much more that were ideas there will be coming here….yes few saw the POPULACE like Madonnas’ newest SLANG… HIBICUS! a term like FRENCH “LOURDE” but this one…..meaning HOT!….HOTTER THAN HOT!!!….

All phots subject to copyright….no royalties collected but should money be given will be given to sources….if source wish to present a solid case I will remove….no q’s asked…..if you want to replace or add your forwarding for site to sell your material I would be happy to affiliate and forward people to your art work/music (agreszcz@outlook.com)

A Brief List (MORE COMING!) On Immortality Sequence and Mudras (Suggested $200 but all welcome)

The Immortal Yoga Mudras
Copyright 2022 Dr Andrew “The Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

  1. Brahmacharyia
  2. Yoni Mudra
  3. Jaw Opening
  4. Prone Right Leg Lift
  5. Filling Body and CV/GV
  6. Four Hathas to Samadhi (Hatha Poses to At least Major Pose Variations and these five if possible…Back Bends, Sphinx, Camel Pose, Prone Supermans, Wheel)
  7. Mahamudras and Standing Hamstring Head to Thighs
  8. Khecary Mudras and Khecary with Chakra Combinations (47 variations)
  9. Extradimensional “Chakras”
  10. Lotus Lifts
  11. Kaya Kalpa (three Variations see below)
  12. Samadhis as much as possible in FOUR areas..Hatha Pose(s), Pranayama and Chakra Combinations, Mudras (this list especially khecary, Yoni, Maha, Brahmachariya) and Meditation (not just third eye!!! And not just lotus or kneeling/or even less so laying! But incorporating tree pose, standing pose, kneeling EVEN some times changing direction and leg alterations/sides)
  13. Donation to Ashrams, Gurus and Siddhars (don’t be fooled by #13)

The Sohamahos “Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn” is AN ADVANCED mystically based scientist…now resigned from chiropractic he writes, lectures and works on business, exercise, tantra and website at www.abundance-paradigm.com (which supports his understanding and teaching on SPIRITULALITY, Yogas, Health, Longevity, Immortality, Tantras, Iconism/Fame, Success, Wealth, Veganism, Diet, Fasting and Occults)