Mahavatar Babajis’ Model For Developing Self Realization Easily

Mahavatar Babajis’ Model For Developing Self Realization Easily
Copyright 2021 The Sohamahos
Babaji Is channeling through me.
Understand three things. Babaji is truly channeling through me. Secondly Muni or Mahavatar is
a God. Three Babaji has “shown” me these concepts.
Babaji: Try THESE three (3) things independently if YOU want to understand THE MIND; as
well as Self Realization.
A) Listen to new age HIP HOP, POP or even Alternative Rock…SONGS you know…(what
does the mind do??? Answer it speaks to you..different people, different motivation,
depression etc)…NOW do it with either classical…or SONGS you don’t know (you can
even turn off in the first part of this discussion part way if you have no new songs)..what
does the mind do NOW??? Yes little to no answering. Generally silence with classical.
B) Stop at a red light…do NOT advanced ON the GREEN (either Advance or when you
have ability to go)…WHAT happens to BOTH your mind…and those around you???
Generally silence…then panic…IT is chaos as PEOPLE are “CONDITIONED”
C) Don’t eat at your regular time…see WHAT happens….generally tummies rumble, and
your mind begins to “SEARCH” for ways to eat, or even drink.

Three Diets….One Sure Thing!

Three Diets…One Sure Thing!
Copyright 2021_The Sohamahos with Brahma

The Sohamahos’ vegan

A. Each is rich in Protein…either animal or plant
B. Each reduces carbohyradates…either animal or plant
C. Each RAMPS up water…either animal or plant

No questions ABOUT it…PROTEIN (either animal or plant) IS KEY to lean muscle mass.

Babajis’ Basic Laws To Anti-Aging!

Babajis’ Basics Laws To AntiAging
Copyright 2022 Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn “The Sohamahos”

Babaji is considered a God. He has “stopped” his AGING and appears to be 20something.

3 things should be understood.

  1. You ARE Not Able to defy aging by doing this partly
  2. Your choice to become ageless and how you use this guide is directly dependant on HOW OFTEN you do Samadhi
  3. To prevent AGING for thousands of years YOU TRULY require THREE (3) things
  4. Samadhi
  5. Fasting for longer periods of time called penance….of some major things as discussed in seminar by The Sohamahos
  6. Restrictions to stress, desires for wealth to exclusion of rest, samadhi and non stress

Babajis’ Principles For TRUE AntiAging!
YOU WANTED TO KNOW…now its’ up to you
Copyright 2022 Dr Andrew “The Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

Babaji is Muni. He is a TRUE Avatar. He is considered the Avatar of Spirituality.


  1. Fasting
  2. Samadhi the breathless states (much like hibernation!)
  3. Three “Classic” herb combinations which REQUIRE successive reduction of ANIMAL products, legumes and sugars

Ideas And Simplicity Of Three Alternative Healing Systems by The Sohamahos and Muni

Ideas And Simplicity of Three Alternative Healing Systems
by The Sohamahos and Muni Mahavatar Babajis’ Self

  1. Homeopathy is ancient…..even older than Hans….see tests of “ingestion” matter was done way back when….as systems of siddha theories in nature and health….called now as provings….The Sohamahos is no different than that….having gone through tests of alchemy and even systems of antipsychotic use.
  2. Another principle of true alternative healing is acupuncture….which is a system of “electromagnetic” conduction….called passage or flow of “prana” or “chi” down at least 12 primary meridians.
  3. Prayer….has been a “staple” of and even now as reiki is a method of using symbols through intention…where symbols are the effect of conscious passage as a NAME to an IDEA….or an IDEA to a “left/right, up/down, general duality if nature!!!”

These three The Sohamahos and Muni have lost of ideas on and through which coaching can be done/received for both “called lay people” or even “healers” as well. Contact at or through the contact form on this site/ as well as or the shop/coaching or seminars.


By The Sohamahos with Goddess “M”

This is a condensed essay. Breath is all encompassing,, content important for the value of parenting. 

1. Time is Wasted

2. Social Values Lost

3. Sloth Occurs

4. Skill Sets Reduced

5. Time Management and Natures Lost through Gaming

6. Missed Opportunity When Gamming

7. Insights Abdandone Not Formed

These the primary 7

Five others include but are Not Direcct

8. Wasted Family Time (adults gaming as well)

9. Reduction of Sunlight (indirect sun exposure possible but not exercise in light)

10. Pineal Gland non supportive with exposure to TV TIME and often darkness or night playing (both adults and kids that are not sleeping well) 

11. Eating Habits Messed/ or missed (both adults and children)

12. Repetitive strain or ergonomic injuries 

Two Others are in design flaw

13. Family and Host of other/all lost completely all VALUES missed when family net is using gaming as support of x, y, z of children….worse when parents gaming

14. Waste if and sloth….meaning sloth of all time, exercise, etc and WASTE -of meaning sloth of money earned time used etc. 

I’d Say This Song Was About Me! (onwards)

But this is more like “Putin” no???

Listen this is more my cup of Tea???

Very serious…..see my first fun playtime with my exwife at a party of her friends for another special close of “ours” was a date close to her specials date O’ Halloween haha….yes me in Rugby shorts…so listen closely….haha

I told you I wouldn’t ask again to “dismantle the ….” cus she is so sexy!!! the BOMB!!!

Three More Advancements In Yogas

One Three poses should be done….

  1. Mahamudras….seated hamstring head towards thighs…..this FOR….manifesting your needs
  2. Shoulder Stand for telepathy, Kneeling Backwards for remote viewing
  3. Reverse Plough (bilocation), Sphinx (Levitation), Wheel (teleportation) these Master 5th dimension stuff

Those I’ve taught openly already…..

three new ones….

  1. Supine (which means laying on back) head to left/right ear to ground/bed/etc….for “mind reading” as much like a foundation of “clairaudience” but not there yet! a very basic also for telepathy
  2. All variations of the seven meditaitional poses into the alternatives (so right over left lotus becomes left over right etc) or forwards Lotus beccomes right arm over left, then left over right…or finger locks different with thumbs changing….many combinations!!! (not not mudras as such)
  3. Standing hamstring hands to ground…..where hands flat….for as to grounding to earth….yes sounds like but may be….hypnosis!!!
  4. (also see previous posts/next for one mudra discussion) but seat one leg over the other knee leg at 45 degrees foot on floor…rotation to “cavitate” low back…through turning…but trully to Samadhi with head torqued very serverely….turning… the one after camel poses (that hydration more possible)….where this needs low water or you can’t torque (this affects aging I was told!)

Three Chiropractors In USA I Respect as GREAT! for sure

There are MANY AK (APPLIED KINESIOLOGY guys) I trust as good….four I would go too on a on going bases if I decided to visit more often….

  1. Dr Leaf (or if still working Dr Zatkin/Dr Bovine these to Michigan where Dr Goodheart used to work!!!) and Leaf in Mass. ( Massachusetts) had to cut and paste haha….. I think that is where he is….
  2. Dr. Tim (“wanted him to adjust me) but it was good…..Tim Francis Vegas
  3. Dr Mike Gorman (Philly Area USA) he can teach another PEN STATE guy Eric Badstibner him another quality but not sure haven’t done much with Eric)
  4. And any other these four suggest……All quality…..please respect their fame as their own ideas…..not my teaching as such…

Five in Toronto, Canada

  1. Dr Erik Nebata Oakville his wife as well not sure
  2. Dr. Chambul (like my brother a true Olympian!!!!) thornhill area just north of Toronto
  3. Bayview Village Clinic (north 401 in the Bayview Mall) ask for the head guy don’t know he is older but quality as “philosophy goes” and two others from time to time
  4. Dr Justine or more rightly Blake her husband Broker…..Brampton
  5. And Dr Steve Yen (if he is still practicing! was my roommate in Chicago before he graduated and I moved in with the alum Mike Gorman!!! see above)….Steve Yen is quality as quality goes in Toronto if that is where he is….
  6. FOR NET….the system of USA for true and in Toronto a Dr. Lise Jannelle (not your average life coach!!!)

I’ve been treated by each….all quality as it goes…tough cases, celebrities (me haha!!! at the very least), athletes….and inspired me so many different ways through as I became what I am now…..even while I was Vegan then were able to help……more than that….I know quality and the “ONLY” one not to directly adjust me as per say was Dr. Leaf…..but he’d be one of the truest of the chiropractors of this bunch!!!! haha.

Colgate Has Done IT!!! The Correct “Fluoride”

Yes I knew there would be a third variation I was looking for….and this is IT….I tried many then found this one…..

It is clean, non wrong, seems very good at this point of success…

Colgate…..Renewal (a independent standing container with platic clear bottom, green then silver then red!!!) and IT IS….

STANNOUS Fluoride…..I was “told” internally to find it…and just recently realized this is the fluoride humanity has been waiting for….

Generally my teeth are very much “success”…..although some would say not to white… teeth are formed from birth…no cavities and only forced pulled wisdom tooth….no requirement braces…..I flow often, and brush….used to brush with soft now up to medium brussels. Not ego….but very true I know my teeth would last hundreds of years…if not thousands….

Three types of paste…..

  1. For Enamel
  2. For Gums
  3. For….nope not breath…..that most….
  4. For Whitening…..see Gels are to be used unless creams for abrasion…..this very true….my dentist Dr. Kemchik (Spelling…Toronto think U of Toronto) but is another success module….where he like my Hairdresser took a “chance” on my dad….Hemophilia and who then contracted HIV early 80s’ through “tainted” blood transfusion in the early hemophilia/blood system of humanity. So thanks to those that came before the Elon John Foundations and say that kick as Basketball player Magic!!! yes….very serious….see I am pretty sure….both exercise and vitamin C, Vitamin K excess would have also helped my dad re: capillary health Vit C and Vit K…..which may be indicative of orthomolecular natures of higher than normal doses for hemophilias…..onwards! thanks to those that have positively effected me and my loved ones!
Also note how becoming vegan changes as does eating meat change the formation of the teeth proper…see next previous posts on TMJ and Cranial Re Dr Roger Turner Toronto/Barrie Chiropractor