A Listen….and you will know!

(4) And When I Die – YouTube

See the Spirit and the Soul….reincarnation….it is a just law….

A) Spirit goes to afterlife…Jesus’ build a mansion in heaven

B) The Soul reincarnates…..so what happens with SIN?

C) The Spirit takes either a great or bad afterlife….SIN can be cleared in present before death…through repentance…I have given some ways and will do so with all again….DONATIONS to know some ways to clear….

D) The Soul will take a birth again….it is….THE EMBODIMENT…all that was from SOURCE…..infact it is SOURCE….all realizations you’ve made of SOURCE….

E) This life is for THE ETERNAL AFTERLIFE…so a fame clear here would be an afterlife of better than a sinner….or way better that a sinner that did so more often…..heres the other thing…

F) The nature of after life is your mansion or what you built…so a resurrect could make self physical in this present…..that immortal…like Lazarus or Jesus (among others! like Yogananda).

THERE is a eGUIDE on BARNES&NOBLE and other sites like KOBO and SOON AMAZON (or through contacting me) on understanding something even more POWERFUL!…..how you understand the intricacies of PRESENTATIONS of AFTER LIFE…so you know you are making changes here! So powerful a guide you will want to begin working…and that just the start of the next UNiVERSE so you can going me as Ghost Rider! (that guide $3.57 agreszcz@outlook.com)

The “Dog” as a Prophet

There are things that should be understood….if a 2 year old can sniff candles and gain reputation….very serious check the videos….

And medics can say people are brought back to life after a car accident or in a coma….HECK YES ANIMALS can help

And dogs…..can be “genetically” modified….so interbreeding of success as some canine experts understand can be increased…so a K9 family line better at drug reconnaissance, a herd dog better at herding, and an immortal group of dogs better able to transfer or impart the familiarity…..see as a yogi, living amongst those that did not age…..there would be less room for dogma about antiaging. If you get the drift!

The Vegan Debate

I grew up eating meat….but the meat I ate….some would say was like a vegetarian! Tuna, Peanut butter for the most part with huge amounts but rarer beef….THIS A TRUE diet for health….

Why does this impact the discussion of veganism….BECAUSE I became a chiropractor…..but I was drawn to veganism….after a 21 day only water fast I was unable to consume meat…it went right through my colon as diarrhea.

So I adopted veganism……

With my backing in science, sports and applied kinesiology…..I faced many theoretical battles….

BUT I FOUND VEGAN WAS very possible…..and in fact very important…for health….but not mental health!

  1. B12 can be accessed through yeast, algae and mushrooms MAKE NO MISTAKE there is a plant based maybe even less but more active or COPPER is the take over of blood/anemic as I never tested low on B12 while a vegan….that is a mistake…to me it is very possible but three things happen…leaner body…some people like the thicker size…women may like the breasts (see my vegan coaching on ways to retain breast size in veganism!) size larger or curves which are often lost if done poorly in veganism…..Copper is requires….
  2. Seeds of three types (this whole form should be used when treating or trying to become a vegan…donations suggestive for this information $20 cdn agreszcz@outlook.com) SESAME, SUNFLOWE, HEMP/PUMPKIN (which are general more of yes even squash or what MELONS!!!) but yes berries have seeds! and are required as even JAM with pectin is essential in vegan for true health and winter conditions….see bonus! never start a vegan lifestyle in the winter!
  3. Three other Algae, Mushrooms (not just these two for B12) but essential vitamins/minerals…mushrooms VIT D!!! so winter as sunflower seeds vitamin D!
  4. BAKED GOODS nearly all are not vegan! so if you think you are truly a vegan…understand not even labells are rightly packaged…if you are going back to ketchup chips or a white dressing it means you are accessing dairy! Instead the chips are natural and BBQ (yeast is B12 it is BBQ dressings!!! that is a vegans favorite source of FUN DRESSING!) or active/nutritional yeast.

Seeds ARE ESSENTAL and MUSHROOMS and ALGAE in VEGANS….if you don’t have sesame….you are missing methionine a essential amino acid…..these and honey are required for health…the idea of sesame of an allergy is a nusiance…it is a medical mess trying to say veganism is wrong or could not be done….yes more sedetary BUT TRADE off are way better in cases….better hair, better skin, better leaner muscular forms..some of the sexiets women (models are vegan)…..to say you are vegan is incomplete……if required eat a egg or two….not milk products! milk is evil once weaned from the tititie never back is my saying! Cholesterol debate is something to understand as well (Donation for this $9/cdn same email agreszcz@outlook.com) as suggestive donations…..more or less…..exact haha don’t care…..but cholesterol is an inverse U…..thanks chiropractic and applied kinesiology educators……too low cholestrol or too high cholesteroal ill health and generally cancers…..so why this….some animal eaters even say cholesterol is required and not adequate in vegans….THAT ONLY WHEN staying on the carbohydrate vegan…you know the guant, (sick looking vegans)….some triathalets do this as well…but a vegan with ideal health and clean vegan diet with no muscle wasting or early cancers would be getting either occasional egg/some even beef….but ALL THOSE factors in abundance…yeast, mushrooms, algae, sesame, sunflower seeds, hemp/flax/pumpkin/squash/berries for fats and many would be on nuts (while I know nuts are not needed! donate for this fact….$2.73 agreszcz@outlook.com )

BONUS….three legumes are healthiest…rest not required….(DONATION POINT for this suspect to concern in vegans….SOY IS AND IS NOT REQUIRED…..I say about 1X week a huge helping of SOY IS IMPORTANT and VIT. D is in many SOY PRODUCTS….soy is NOT MAN TITS….but there are some soy allergies it is true!) those three legumes easiest…Coffee (near all are not allergic), black beans (some less than coffee as allergies) and voila ALL VEGANS SHOULD EAT chick peas!!! in abundance…..

Proof Milk Allergy Is Not Lactose Deficiency

The proof milk and ALL ALLERGIES are PROTEINS not anything but ANTIGEN Protein

Butter/Ghee are quality for weightlifters/fasters and those using that but not other dairy products!

Fat butter little to no protein

Also three things VERY WRONG

  1. Lactose enzyme with milk products! does not block antigen or the milk protein which is the allergy!
  2. Chocolate Milk is NOT different so it is sugar you like not difference either in lactose and definitely NOT PROTEIN as MILK is MILK and they add CHOCOLATES POWDER
  3. Some DAIRY forms are worse than others…and some species ARE MORE COMPATIBLE such as goat/buffalo….while true THE BEST form is infantile breastmilk…..NOT required after weaned from the breast IN ANY HUMAN! Getting the clostrum could even be enough for some infants but generally vegans/breathaniarians never start beyond adolescence….MEAT as most ancient “wise”, “shamans”, “Siddhas”, and “healers” knew/know is BEEF/EGG but not dairy is ESSENTIAL (beef means all red meat such as elk, deer, buffalo, emu, ostrich, goat and lamb, cattle and moose or caribou) Rabbit, Racoon, Squirrel, Rat, Mice, Gerbil, Muskrat, Beaver, Pheasant, and a few others I don’t know from Asia should not be eaten as red meats…while FISH is best as fresh water fish, not salt water due to better fats and cleaninless of water or ecosystem, and whale is okay as are seal, but not squid and bottom feeders such as srimp, ostery or mullock are truly garbage but have tons of minerals and vitamins as organ meats do so carniovorus diets require bottom feeders seafoods for health and likely TROPICA/oceanic heritage descents while organ meats ARE SEEMINGLY important for rares trace minerals and should be consumed as were learning…so chicken livers (though beef quality not as easy to “access”) and note lastly raw eggs and raw chicken livers are idea…the idea of cooked proteins is new to how diets were intended….it is a lifestyle….three ways to gain knowledge…..(1) TEST on yourself (2) become well read….things like knowing that salmonella from eggs or chicken is a “weak” not week of diarhea which lessens or adapts often after firtst time…e-coli is a gut flora, and carbon from animal is likely (3) colon cancer is likely carbonation….so carbonated drinks and cooked meat where as cooked plants have less toxicity but could be eaten as meat could be eat both cooked (worse on all levels as vitamins and minerals lost) or raw…as found in nature!
  4. (BONUS…raw meat could be learnt easily through reverse…I have not yet eaten raw and may find it hard to do chicken…but have done raw chicken livers (the way to start raw meat!), raw egg (2nd/ but some say first though I don’t call it a meat but a seed/ovum!), then beef…skewers, steak, ground, etc all cut could be eat)….generally safer organ meats are liver, heart and gonads.

Vegan Requirements! You Have To Know For Health

Five things are truly needed for HEALTHY VEGANISM….

  1. Sesame….it contains methionine and proteins
  2. Algae….it contains B12 (never thing cyanocoalabine is methycoalabine…cyan is synthetic…methyl derived from true source…and now they have vegan derived B12!)
  3. Mushrooms…..at very least Portabellos often enough!
  4. Honey…..note not with BEETS!!! they cause “infraspinatus” rotator cuff weakness….and NEVER SLEEP WITH your HANDS over your head or you will likely wake with frozen shoulder….very serious!!!
  5. Tea/Coffee or Ginseng!

Heres Something For Yogis And Longevity Seekers!

(4) eugenia cooney – YouTube

There is something both right and wrong….

PROS to starvation…..longevity

CONS to starvation….weakness and not being able to restart eating

After my 21 day only water fast…I could not eat meat…..it went through me…..it took close to 14-17 years to be able to regain my previous muscle mass and be able to approximate my diet previous to the fast….my strength has never returned…..wereas….my muscular size has…..some aging but not much….the non aging is the benefit of some of our families genes as my grandad was 101 and fairly youthful and my older brother at 49 is quality and should live (without accidental death) into his hundredth year and possibly more!

With exercise the diet of a breathanirian is what appears to be missing….exercise is needed for muscle mass…..but in rare instances….lean mass is retained…..three things I’ve been finding….

  1. Copper in a vegan diet is akin to B12 for blood….they say the work together in CBC complete blood count…however I THINK copper PLAYS A LARGER role than B12 in the vegan diet.
  2. Muscle Mass leans out, becoming more defined which with meat it is a bloated BUT THE physical meat eating males a thicker build like the famed thicker chest and rounded although tight but not ripped look of a faster…or vegan….
  3. Strength is endurance in vegans….exercise is more frequently required and NOT MASS or PUSHING and MAN HANDLING….jobs for vegans are not combat sports…and healing becomes more spontaneous in vegans….roles are not as different but how you affect…a pro football player would not be characteristic of a linebacker but could be a line man as carbs could put on weight….also the nature of a pro footballer as a vegan has been done…he’d be a famed icon and retain celebrity through that form….another is the famed rappers and African Rastafarians who are vegan…..much could be said about these points.

Something About Mental Health…


Valproic Acid…..

Is like Betaine HCl as stomach enhancement

After doing a 21 day only water fast….I had been search for a food not knowing what it was….I have recently begun treatment on a mood stabilizer Valproic Acid…..

Of special….SPINAL SCOLIOSIS even as anatomic but more so functional has improved…..meaning KUNDALINI can raise through the primary NADIS of IDA/PINGALA…..this mean MOOD STABILIZERS do AFFECT not only mania but Schizophrenia as TRUE SCHIZOPHENIA not as fake schizophrenia….where scoliosis is directly linked to psychosis….but psychosis is NOT VOICES in SPIRITUALITY KUNDALINI RELEASE! BE AWARE I have levitated and have channeled….this point two….NIACIN is mental health! be aware trying to reduce through breathanirian NIACIN is very hard nearly dangerous….METHIONINE IS LESS HARD to reduce of the three psycotrophic nutrients (where B12 easy to overcome, Methionine then Niacin). In a general population through my testing it appears as a vegan no meat or eggs (dairy does not have methionine for most part!) 4 days is my limit to require rich (like lots of sesame! high in methionine)….and in meat eaters methionine in beef or turkey for me was every 7 days…..the result which I am seeing appears to me cranky or the HANRYS or moodiness that is growing in society as we have been moving away from these two methionine and even now niacin (beef reduction of the 50s, tuna due to mercury craze and peanut due to allergy scares! these four foods…what four…..yes coffee to teas limits niacin as these are the FOUR Primary NIACIN foods…. it is this craze that appears without proper meditational components which incidentally also appears to cause stress through less OMEGAS specific as a vegan omega 3 which means conversion of omegas 6s to arachinonic acid (which is a proinflamatory fat…and omega 3 the protective essential fat!!!) the truth is it appears WE ARE MOVING in that direction to breathaniarian through exclusion for LONGEVITY….as humans are moving to less NIACIN foods we are ANTI AGING…..we know calorie restriction appears to reduce aging, but MAYBE NIACIN is also playing a part…those on higher meat diets have a flushed fat appearance……the reduction of beef, tuna and peanut is NOT WITHOUT problems though…..THE PRIMARY the increase in MENTAL HEALTH, DEPRESSION and PSYCHOSIS called Schizo-affective disorders……WHAT IS THE TRADE OFF of LOW NIACIN….the artists and rappers know…..LEAN BODIES THAT STAY YOUNGER longer…..but even more promise is SELF REALIZATION and CHANNELING through opening up “consciousnesss of soul”

Yogananda And Yoga, Siddhis And Khecari Mudra

Here is truth on Yogananda…..P. Yogananda is a Avatar….his TEACHER not guru was Sri Yukteswar….Yogananda became me…..Andrew Erling Greszczyszyn…. birthday March 13, 1977….yes I am also a Immortal…Yogananda taught very few Khecari…..he has siddhis….he always attempted to teach through sincerity….

As this life my TEACHER was a BOOK Spiritual Teaching of Kriya Yoga by Swami Kriyananada….my formal basic teaching was one technique learnt from time with “Satchidananda” BUT Marshall Govindan is NOT!!! my guru…just as Yoganandas true guru was NOT YUKTESWAR…..Marshall nothing for Andrew Greszczyszyn…..

I have discussed openly THREE KRIYAS….and have closely initiated CELEBRITIES, and FAMILY MEMEBERS ALIKE….in various KRIYAS….

Seven people I know from yogas past lives as Yoganandas fellows….

My son with my exwife (NO AFFAIR!) is Harper Greszczyszyn…I am infertile but he our son….is Hariharinanda…..my Fathers/Daddy was John Greszczyszyn, Soul Mate Goddess “M” is Annai, Kriyananda (not Chicago one!) is one of my nephews and exwife also in Biltmore with Yogananda.

It should also be VERY CLEAR YOGANANDA dated, did not have a TRUE Wife but three women he closely dated in both Ashram and Biltmore.

NO underage as some have suggested as I have not dated any below the age of half my age and as Yogananda was in his 40s in USA….none below the minority where in his life in the nature of his teaching.