Newest Rap God…..and Reframing Schizophrenia Simply

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BUT….listen often…..Kendrick Lamar……See God Gene a part of nonsense that was/is Mental Health….see they don’t know science…..Genes at onset would have been (incidentally DNA think not dead nigger associatation but like Chromoses DNA….replication, transcription kinda DNA!!!) but onwwards (listen Immortal Jelly Fish!!!) thank Lamar!!!! anways….

See God was present way more as Adam was and Eve was as to now with reduction of religions….even with balancing of spirituality…so given that DNA is changing…..why then a conceptually God Gene….given religion reducing and “schizophrenia” on the rise???? haha fuckers

Don’t know anything about mental health….much less about psychology do many psychiatrist know not…..very real….. onwards because ALLOPATHETIC could become redeemed to become true beneficial Allopathy….. so….where voices once were a concern…outside the body….yeah…..haha….


I see Schizophrenia as true (note psychosis means symptoms….and incidentally I was guided through self testing to a store out of tens of thousands of books to one…the first book that day….titled “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks (author of Man Who Mistoke His Wife For A Hat) a Toronto Based Doctor, Writer) but see psychoses are not dependant on mentalities and are therefore not pathology but symptoms…..(Dr George Goodheart Jr….treat the patient with the problem not the problems with the patient) so as psychosis could be from “giving birth” pleasure of sex, tantras seminal prevention, exercise, fasting, fevers, illness, getting wind knocked out of you, nutrient deficiencies, high altitude, sporting, fame, etc….so many more were listed on another page I was guided to using my Internal Guidance…..but then….if they did not know they should have referred.


Here some eGuides for NON psychiatric…..but holistic from a true patient of the system of “allopathetic” which had had a hold on The Sohamahos Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn…..not reframed to use of right use of psychiatry and biochemsitry to help support true mental health….not just for mentally ill or any of the three (mental healths, 1. mentalities 2. manias 3. depressive….but NOT paranoias or phobias which are even easier to understand!!! as are obsessions) but All people….the given is on this post….note resigned doctor of chiropractor….but like ads and such on websites I can  offer non diagnostic presepective….trust I’d share a wealth of knowledge….but can’t tell you (though can work with your psychiatrist if they wanted to) to get of meds, nor would I…only offering you a persepective on health, mental health, and holism.




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