Donational Reiki, Pranic and Conscious Samadhi Healing

Find creative ways to provide as much information as possible to properly inform the shopper without overwhelming them with words.

Suggested price: $7.23

Minimum price: $4.12

This is a DONATION system of HEALING which Dr. Andrew “The Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn uses to effect CHANGES both to systems of health and natures of discussion presented to you (or the patient that IS THE EFFECTED….only one per UNIT) which includes systems of HEALTH THAT NEEDS to be modified…..

A) remember….TRICKERY is your own tricked system…

B) not all patients HAVE OVERT over the TOP effects of distance energy therapy

C) all clearance is GIVEN…. meaning once you have asked for this service through donation and name noted….then the energy will be scheduled by The Sohamahos at earliest onset he has and WILL ALWAYS be systematized without AUTOMATION…..that a promise.